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Vastu and other tips to keep in mind for your home

Even if you are not building a home, but moving into an apartment, there are ways to ensure that the Vastu principles are followed. The essential idea of Vastu is that a house must exude the right kind of energy in order to be considered a home. Each dwelling, according to a variety of traditional beliefs, has its own energy type. A person who lives in a house is subjected to the impact of a specific energy field, which in turn affects them in some way.

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Making the best of Dressers!

The dresser is an important piece of your everyday routine, so making sure you have an adequate and aesthetically designed ambience for the dresser is important. This is especially required f you are not particularly fond of crowded bath counters and wardrobe shelves that look like war zones. Whether you are setting out to design a dresser in your new house or looking at remodelling the dressing area, we are sure you will find things to do: Setting the Stage Finding the right place for your dresser is important. Whether this will be in your bedroom or in the walk-in closet or even in the corner of your bathroom, will make a lot of difference. If possible, select a space that has a...

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Organizing your wardrobe - A dreaded task or something that brings you joy?

Do you find yourself rummaging your wardrobe for that black dress for a party? Have you ended up with all your clothes in search for that elusive grey tee shirt? If so, you probably know that organizing clothes is a sensible fashion is key to your woes. Finding the right system for organizing is the next important thing you need to figure out.

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