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5 tips to deck up your dining room décor.

Having meals together is one of the best ways to connect as a family. It is during this time that the family sits down together and enjoy their meal. They also share the happenings of their daily life. In this day and age of obsession with digital media, this is the only time we keep our technical gadgets aside and focus solely on interacting with other members of the family.

Thus, the dining room décor should radiate warmth and positive vibes. And in this article, we have come up with 5 tried and tested decor ideas to revamp your dining room. 

 1. Wall décor

Sometimes it is just small changes that have an impact on the décor of a room. It is imperative to understand that the secret lies in the details and hence it should be given its due importance. So let us explore some fundamental wall décor ideas which can be made without breaking the bank


Colours can brighten up and significantly elevate the mood of a room. Depending on the size of the room and your personal preference, you can experiment with colours. If your room is spacious, dont be scared to go bold, even if it means painting only an accent wall. In case, your dining space is a small get-together corner, then you can think of going for fresh, light, and pastel colours which will make the area more spacious. Currently, an earthy fresh colour pallet is trending which can evoke a natural, lively, and pleasant temperament in the room. You can also consider wainscoting in combination with designer wallpaper. Wainscoting helps in highlighting the wall paint or the wallpaper.

Take all the liberty to jazz up your accent wall. Family photos can be used to do this. Use photo frames that are in synch with the rest of your décor. Alternatively, you can hang in an artistic work or a large mirror which can change the entire set up of the room making it more attractive. 

 Dining room accent wall


2. Lighting fixture

A perfect lighting fixture can create a powerful impact on the overall ambience of the dining room. But choosing the right lighting for the dining room can be a daunting task. Experts suggest that adding three layers of lighting to a space can fulfil all your lighting needs. These three layers of lighting are – ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. These layers of lighting also offer the flexibility to set up the desired atmosphere.


Pendants can be a good lighting solution for contemporary homes. You can either opt for a large statement pendant or a mix of small 2-3 pendants depending on the size of your dining table. Pendant lights come with adjustable heights, a variety of styles and are reasonably priced. However, pendant lights are not meant for illuminating the entire room.  

Prism Lights

Image Source


Be it a classic or a contemporary décor style, chandeliers can easily fit in. They add a timeless elegance to a room. It is recommended that the diameter of the chandelier should be one half or two-thirds the length of the dining table. Additionally, it should be centred on the dining table to create a focal point.

Chandelier lighting

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Flush Mounts and Semi-Flush Mounts 

Flush mounts are dome or drum-shaped lighting fixtures that fit around the light on the ceilings. Unlike chandeliers and pendants, they do not hang low. But, in the case of semi-flush mount lights, the base of the light extends below the ceiling. Still, they do not hang as low as chandeliers and pendants.These lights blend in with the décor seamlessly without attracting much attention.

Recessed lights

Recessed light does not grab attention as most of its fixture is hidden. These subtle lights are good for low ceilings. Recessed lights have a limited reach. This is the reason why it needs to be used in combination with other lights to illuminate the entire room.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are good for creating a relaxed atmosphere. They do not provide a lot of illumination and serve as secondary lights. They can create a perfect ambience for the dining rooms.

3. Tablescaping 

Tablescaping or decorating the dining table for different occasions makes it appealing and intriguing ensuring that your guests feel special and invited. Table scaping doesn't need to come into the picture only on occasions, but you can have it year-round. Some of the basics of table scaping are: 

Table Linens

Table linens help in achieving a more cohesive set up as far as the dining table is concerned. Select linen that complements the table. The right blend of colours, fabric, shape, and size of the table linens can emphasize the décor of the dining room making it engaging for the visitors 


For a more tempting presentation, it is important to have a proper combination of tableware. Even a simple home-cooked meal looks more appetizing when presented with appropriate tableware. Presentation matters and it holds good when serving food as well. Your guests will notice the efforts that have been put in and they are going to appreciate it. 

Statement centrepieces on the dining table

A statement centrepiece can bring in character to the dining room. A centrepiece can be a vintage candle holder or ceramic jars and pots with beautiful designs or exclusively unique vessels. Even a handmade rustic vase of flower can introduce a required dash of colour to your dining table.

Trendy dining table with beautiful chairs 

A dining table is the cynosure of a dining room. It occupies a prominent position in a dining room and hence it calls for special emphasis as the entire décor of the dining room revolves around a dining table. Hence special consideration is important when choosing the right dining table for your dining room. Select your dining table depending on the number of family members, frequency of guests that you entertain, space in your dining room and your style.

We would also recommend the following:

Classic or standard dining tables

You can go for standard dining tables which can be in the form of single pedestal dining tables, double pedestal dining tables, four-legged tables or trestle tables. For dining rooms where space is an area of concern, drop leaf tables, pull-out console tables and butterfly leaf tables can be good alternatives.   

Experimenting with chairs for a chic twist 

If you are one of those who like experimenting, then you can go for chic and stylish chairs paired with vintage tables. Here you can pop in some colourful and designer cushions on the chairs, or you can use some stylish throws on the chairs for more warmth and cosiness. In a set of 6 dining chairs, you can go for 4 chairs with one colour and the other 2 in a contrasting colour.

Dining Chairs


A Credenza is similar to a sideboard and is generally a part of the dining room. Not only does it radiate elegance, but it serves as a good storage space and can function as a buffet table. A credenza can be used to store your linens, tablewares, décor items etc. It can also act as a surface where you can display your décor items like a flower vase, candle stands or your collection of souvenirs. 

Dining table and side boardCredenza

The way you decorate your space tells a lot about your personality. Your living space is a reflection of you as a person. A tastefully decorated room shows your dedication and love towards your space. Moreover, it is not just about aesthetics, comfort is equally important. Similarly, when you plan to overhaul your dining room, homely comfort and style should be emphasized where you and your guests can just unwind, de-stress and chow down. Bon Appetit!