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All there is to know about crockery units!

A well-designed crockery unit holds the power to transform the ambience and appearance of your entire area, making it practical and elegant at the same time. A crockery unit is a great way to upgrade your dining room. As with all pieces of furniture, one kind and size of crockery unit may not fit all. You may want to consider a crockery unit depending on the space you have as well as the purpose  you intend to use it for.

Knowing the various crockery unit styles and designs that are available in the market is a good place to start! Here are a few types that one might commonly find:

Wall-mounted crockery units

Wall mounted unit

The biggest advantage of wall-mounted crockery unit is that it takes space into consideration. This unit seamlessly allows individuals with small houses to showcase their best crockery sets. For individuals who have extra space to spare, a sideboard unit can also be used in tandem.

Sideboard units


Sideboard crockery units can be used for both displays as well as storage. These crockery units have an extra surface (which is often missing from other crockery units) upon which one can place home decor. Or, alternatively, it can be used as a small book shelf. The drawers and cabinets can be used to store crockery and cutlery, making it functional.

Floating unit

A floating crockery unit is wall mounted and is usually, made as per specifications. It has a distinct style and as it is custom made, it can be made to suit all your requirements. By adding in features such as focus lights  and fittings, you can make this unit stand out


Customized Crockery unit by Quratory

If you’re looking for a traditional crockery unit, but wish to have it customised according to your liking, this crockery unit could be just the one for you. A custom wall crockery unit enables its users to get the best out of their investment as owners of this style of crockery unit can customise the cabinet according to the colour palette of their home interiors and have it blend in seamlessly with the rest of the furniture. Customised crockery units can be wall-mounted or free-standing.

You might be wondering whether or not your home requires a crockery unit. Well, just like every other piece of furniture, crockery units too, have their advantages and disadvantages, and to make your work a little easier, we have compiled this list for you:

Why should you have a crockery unit in the first place?

1. Safety: One of the biggest advantages that a crockery unit offers is that it ensures that your expensive crockery, china and crystal are safely stored in an area designed just for them. Almost all crockery units come with cabinets or drawers, thus keeping them safely hidden away from mishaps and unwanted accidents

2. Hygiene: Another plus point of installing a crockery unit is it ensures that your crockery remains clean and hygienic. If you use your expensive crockery sets only on special occasions, a crockery unit would be the perfect place to store them in. A crockery unit ensures that all your ceramics remain dust-free and ready to use whenever required
3. Extra storage: If you’ve got a small kitchen but a slightly bigger dining area, a crockery unit can be used to store all your plates, bowls, and other crockery items that you would require on a regular basis. Furthermore, crockery units come with many cabinets, shelves and drawers thus, not only giving you a space to store the crockery but also to store it in a neat and organised fashion.
4. Easy installation: When it comes to free-standing crockery units, there is no hassle of installation as these units can simply be placed in the desired spot. Such units do not call for a complex installation process with noisy drilling and unnecessary hammering.
5. Multi-functional: Although crockery units are traditionally and commonly used for storing crockery sets, it can be used for multiple purposes. In fact, glass-panelled or modular crockery units can be placed in the living room to store sculptures, antiques or beautiful flower vases. You can even use it to showcase your awards, miniature paintings or family photos. A crockery unit can be modified to look like a bookshelf with complete ease. Simply, replace your crockery sets with magazines and books. Thus, a crockery unit can be manipulated in any number of ways to fit one’s needs and add a subtle elegance to their overall interiors!

    What might dissuade you from owning a crockery unit?

    1. Budget: Although crockery units add a simple charm to the aesthetics of a house, buying a crockery unit calls for a large amount of investment as many crockery units are made with high-quality, and different types of wood to impart an elegant touch to the end product, and getting a customised crockery unit would only add to the expenses.

    2. Hard to move around: Wall-mounted crockery units cannot be moved around. Once installed, these units are secured tightly in place. Thus, if one is looking to change the placement of their furniture, moving a wall-mounted crockery unit would be difficult

    3. Hard to clean: A crockery unit does in fact keep the crockery sets clean, but what happens when cleaning the unit itself becomes a task? When it comes to a wall-mounted crockery unit, dusting and cleaning the unit, especially the top of the unit will be a tedious affair.

    So, there you have it! Hopefully, buying a crockery unit would be a little less confusing now. Be sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind before you decide on a crockery unit to ensure that you buy a crockery unit that was meant just for you!