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Great Ideas for Shoe storage

We spend hours organising our closets and our house. We make sure our place is kept tidy for aesthetic purposes and of course, hygiene. The same level of cleanliness should apply for shoes too. We have compiled a list of everything you need to know when it comes to storing shoes at home. This can help keep your living space uncluttered and clean!

Shoe rack ideas

Tips for storing shoes

  • Whatever you do, make sure your shoes aren’t kept lying around on the floor. This looks extremely untidy and can put you in a sour mood, especially after a long day’s of work. When we are exhausted, our first instinct might be to let it sprawl near the house entrance. Avoid doing this and maintain a ritual when it comes to keeping a good shoe storage space
  • Wire racks are not the best way to store shoes. This leads to some shoes being pushed to the back. Additionally, this can dirty the shoes, which does not look nice when you wear it the next time. And of course, wire racks are a nightmare for heels. Instead, try investing in good wooden or metal shoe racks. This can also help boost the looks and aesthetic of your living room
  • Sort your shoes out categorically in a nice looking shoe stand or shoe rack. You can assort it based on the purpose of usage; at-home footwear, casual footwear just to run errands or fancy footwear for special occasions.
  • Assess whether you even need a separate storage unit for shoes. Some of us are content with a couple of pairs of shoes: if this is the case, keeping them in their original shoe boxes in your closet or under your bed would be ideal. However, if you are a shoe fanatic and have several pairs of footwear, then purchasing and maintaining a shoe rack is mandatory!
  • If you have a considerable amount of shoes but not so many that you need to buy a shoe rack, you can buy shoe organisers: these are usually hung over the closet door and make your shoes look organised and clean

Types of shoe racks

Usually, you can go for open or closed shoe racks. The names are pretty self-explanatory, and come with their own pros and cons.

Open shoe racks

Open shoe racks, as the name suggests, are open and there are no doors to conceal the footwear. Some of the benefits of having open shoe racks are:

  • These are easily accessible, especially if you are someone who is always on the go. This can save time in choosing what you want to wear and heading out the door without a moment’s hesitation
  • As these are open to your eye, you would be more careful in maintaining the shoe storage space(hopefully). This in turn will ensure that the area will always remains clean 
  • If you are someone who prides themselves on having a great shoe collection, open shoe racks might be a fun investment: it will allow you to show off the collection you have

These are some of the different types of open shoe racks: 

Shoe storage bench:

Quratory bench

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Shoe storage benches are usually kept at the entrance of the house. These also come with a sitting space on top, allowing you to comfortably put your shoes on before heading out. 

Shoe benches can also be of two types: In the first type, the shoe storage bench has a lid on top that lets you dump your shoes inside. This is for people who do not have many pairs of shoes to begin with. It can also be used to store other items, such as umbrellas or gloves. The second type has cubby holes, which allows you to see the shoes while putting them on.

Storage racks:

Storage racks can come in different sizes, depending on how much space you really need. They can also be used if you do not have many shoes to begin with! These have tiered shelves, which can be kept in the entrance of your house or even in your closet. Storage racks also come in several different materials and finishes. This will allow you to purchase the kind which matches the aesthetics of your home

Closed shoe racks:

Close shoe racks have a door and a space inside, which allows you to hide the shoes from your sight as well as visitors. Some of the benefits of closed shoe racks are:

  • Closed shoe racks can be purchased according to the remaining decor in the house. This allows it to blend perfectly with the surroundings
  • Closed shoe racks protect footwear from dust that might accumulate over the course of the day. This is especially useful if you have large balconies or windows where you keep your shoes


Wooden shoe racks:

Quratory Shoe rack

For details on this product, email us at contact@quratory,com

Wooden shoe racks are beautiful to look at, and come in various shapes, sizes and forms. The options in this are endless, and you can look into several forms of wood for your shoe rack, such as pinewood, oakwood, mahogany wood, spruce wood and ashwood


  • Wooden shoe racks usually help protect footwear from dust. This is because they come in various carved designs, which help the furniture to have sufficient air flow in and out of it
  • A good organised shoe rack can help you save time, especially when you do not have much time in the morning before heading out to work or dropping your kids off to school
  • Since these are organised, they take up less space
  • The lesser space a furniture item takes, the bigger the room look.s This also helps the room look more clean and less cluttered 
  • Last but not the least, wooden furniture helps in maintaining the sophisticated aesthetic at home


  • Wood, however, is a natural material. This makes it more prone to termite infestation
  • Wooden shoe racks require higher and regular maintenance. You might be required to clean out your shoe rack once every couple of weeks, depending on the usage


Plastic shoe racks are usually bought if:

  • You do not have several pairs of shoes
  • You can keep the shoe rack in an enclosed space

Plastic shoe racks are not very appealing to look at, and might look worn easily in a couple of months


  • Plastic furniture items are usually cheaper, as they are made in bulk in factories
  • Plastic, however, is a highly durable material. So even if it gets dirty, you can keep it for many years
  • Since these are highly durable, they require little to no maintenance


  • Plastic shoe racks no not have many options 
  • Plastic is not a friend of the environment. So, these are not a great option if you are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly products
  • Plastic shoe racks are often unappealing to look at 


Metal shoe racks are sturdy, and highly durable. Metal is an umbrella term used for materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. You can opt for any of these depending on the style and decor of your home


  • Metal is a highly durable product. You can consider investing in a good shoe rack as it will last you several years
  • Brass and copper shoe racks are great to look at, and metal shoe racks can offer a quotient of style to your living space
  • Metal furniture can be recycled several times, which makes it a good and sustainable option to buy
  • These are usually low maintenance, and can be wiped down easily with a cloth and some water
  • Since metal is not porous, it offers resistance to pests
  • Metal shoe racks can come in several price ranges. You can go for affordable or expensive options depending on your budget


  • Metal as a material is very heavy. This reduces the mobility of the furniture sound the home
  • Another con is that it is highly heat absorbent. This might be an issue if you place your shoe rack in an area which receives a lot of sunlight during the day


Fabric/felt shoe racks are very portable and durable. These are usually bought if you do not have many shoes and just need a place to keep your foot wear


  • Highly portable
  • Durable for several years
  • Can be folded up and kept inside when not in use


  • Fabric gets dirty easily, and might require frequent washing
  • They might shrink in the washing machine depending on the material

 All in all, purchasing shoe racks should not be much of an ordeal if you know what your budget is, how much space you need, and what material you want it in!