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Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with a small apartment knows that small space living comes with its challenges. It doesn’t mean designing these spaces is impossible. With a little planning, even the most cramped spaces can be both functional and stylish.

Whether you live in a studio apartment, a two-bedroom house or just want to get more out of a small room, there are some design considerations you should keep in mind. Interior design ideas for small homes should consider several factors including design and colour of walls and flooring, the furniture placement, furnishings, and the accessories used. In this blog, we discuss small space design ideas that are sure to help:

1. Light: If you can influence the design of the walls, consider having more windows that let in natural light. Of course, you will need help from your designer or architect to work this out. Also, you can consider using lighter colour fabric for blinds or drapes. Semi sheers for windows help too. If you have a corridor or foyer, ensure it is lit up appropriately.

2. Add some space: Using mirrors help magnify a space. Consider placing mirrors near windows so that it reflects the scenery outside. Mirrors create an illusion of depth and makes space seem bigger than it is.

There are, however a few rules for mirror placement, according to Feng Shui. To have a good Feng shui there are 10 things your mirror should never reflect:

  • Doors and windows
  • Beds
  • Toilet seat
  • Flame in the kitchens
  • Another mirror
  • Clutter
  • Dirty drains or other unpleasant views.
  • Sharp corners of furniture or walls
  • Distorted or unclear image of yours

3. Wall colors: White walls are usually preferred for small homes, as these help to keep the room bright and airy. At the same time, carefully placed furnishings and carefully chosen colours can create an inviting space.

4. Lighting: Swing arm lamps and ceiling lamps are more preferred to floor lamps or bedside lamps. Anything that takes up space on the floor or furniture should be avoided. Track lights are a good alternative for small spaces. Another trick is to hang mirrors on white (or off-white) and well-illuminated walls.

5. Accessories: It goes without saying that when it comes to small apartments, less is more. Focus on what is important, and what makes you feel inspired daily – these are the pieces you should be living with.

One of the tricks is grouping in odds (This technique can be used in any space, irrespective of room size, but is especially useful for smaller rooms).

For instance, when you are decorating a small bathroom try adding a small drop light, three candles grouped together and one small green plant in the corner of the vanity. The décor will draw the eye up and around, while not cluttering the room.

6. Artwork: Having a single bold art piece on the wall rather than several smaller framed art pieces is preferred. Another way is to exaggerate the size of small photographs and prints by placing them in thin frames with large borders. This also prevents the wall from looking cluttered.

7. Furniture placement: Try to arrange your furniture pieces in a floating manner, instead of giving in to the idea of pushing everything against the wall. Sofas with legs that show, a swing and any means of keeping the floor space clear are great ideas for a small home. A large woven ottoman can work as a coffee table or an extra seat. For dining spaces, only 2-4 chairs should be used.

8. Open shelving: Consider having open wall shelves instead of closed units. Turn your existing furniture into master multitaskers by using extra space as open shelving. You’ll save some room and cut down on costs (by not having to buy separate shelves)!

9. Clutter-free: Conquering clutter in small homes.

  • Do not hoard and buy things that are not required
  • Use the walls for well-organized shelves, storage spaces.
  • Embrace opacity: Do not store things in clear boxes, things start looking more in control.
  • Have a space for everything: The old mantra ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ is more important than ever in a small space, because if something doesn’t have a place, its place is going to be on a countertop or tabletop or a floor, and in a small apartment, once you have a few things lying around, the whole place starts to feel a little cluttered.

10. Furniture type: You may want to have slim sofas rather than big statement pieces for your living room. Excellent quality sofa beds are available these days, consider having one of these in your living rooms. These even come with storage and technology such as USB ports and blue tooth speakers inbuilt. Always opt for open wall shelves instead of closed units. Even a window sill can provide extra storage space for decor, lighting, and other essentials when there's no room for an extra table.

 Best pieces of furniture to consider for small spaces:

  • Vertical Shelving
  • C-stand table
  • A rolling cart
  • A corner desk
  • Storage Cart
  • Clothing Rack
  • Pop-up Coffee Table
  • Storage Ottoman
  • Sofa-Bed: The star of small spaces!

11. Furnishings: Sharp patterns and dark colors for bedsheets/bed covers should be avoided. Lighter and brighter linen make space look airier and brighter. Also, go for drapes that start high up from the ceiling if it is a small space.

12. Patterns: Homogenous patterns in a small room can make a difference. For instance, if a window is marked with vertical lines, continue with the flow throughout the room.

13. Mount your TV: A media console takes up a lot of space in a small living room and it is perfectly okay to avoid these. Mount your TV on the wall. Alternatively, consider buying the TV Lift – an automated system to raise or lower the TV. The pop-down or reverse lift mechanism lowers down the TV to viewing position and rises back into the ceiling when not in use. These lift mechanisms were considered luxury items but not anymore. Affordable versions are available in the market today.

We understand that small spaces come with their unique set of design challenges. Square footage comes at a premium and every inch of space has to be utilized well. Yet, with a good plan and some creativity, these challenges can be overcome.

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