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Our take on rockers, recliners and lounge chairs

Have you been looking for a chair that you can just sink into after a long hard day?  Are you looking for something that you can sit on to rock your little one to sleep? Or are you the hardcore gamer and have been eyeing one of those oversized comfortable recliners? Is it a lounge chair for your bedroom that you really want – a reading nook or a place to meditate? Or do you need a seat that will serve multiple purposes?

In this blog, we answer all your questions about rockers, recliners and lounge chairs and have compiled the pros and cons in buying a rocker, recliner or a lounge chair.

Rocking Chairs

 Rocking chairs date way back to 18th century. The first rocking chair was invented in 1710 by tying two ice skates to the bottom of a chair, but it wasn’t till 1787 that “rocking chair” finally entered the Oxford English Dictionary for Usage. At this time, rocking chairs were often designed for two or more people: a mother and child, an elderly person*. This piece of furniture is popular as it allows the individual to move the chair back and forth, in a comforting rocking motion. These chairs are produced out of various types of wood, metal, plastic resin and even fabric! Rocking chairs come in various styles and designs, such as:

  • Traditional
  • Glider
  • Swivel
  • Spring
  • Reclining

Each type comes with its advantages and disadvantages, allowing the customer to make a calculated decision when deciding what chair fits them best! This piece of furniture comes in different colours, and with varying characteristics. While some chairs are cushioned to provide extra comfort, some are simple and stick to the traditional wooden design.


Quratory Rocking Chair

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Pros of buying a rocking chair

Commonly seen as a piece of furniture that adds to your comfort and livens up your home interiors, a rocking chair is more than just that and has benefits that bode well for one’s mental as well as physical health. A rocking chair benefits everyone, starting from infants to senior citizens!

  1. Spending some time rocking back and forth in a rocking chair is believed to help ease stress and aid relaxation. This motion releases endorphins, a hormone that is known to be a mood booster and brings individuals a sense of peace.
  2. A rocking chair allows a parent to sit back and relax while also putting their child to sleep, thanks to its playful yet comforting rocking motion. Studies show that the bonding between a mother and a child is greater when a mother rocks her baby in the rocking chair as this becomes a place of solace for the infant. 
  3. A rocking chair can aid in increasing overall mobility, especially in the case of senior citizens. It also benefits those who have undergone surgery and helps adults who suffer from arthritis. 
  4. If you’re someone who’s got trouble sleeping, try sleeping in a rocking chair! A rocking chair is believed to send anyone into a deep slumber, proving just how relaxing this piece of furniture is. 

Cons of buying a rocking chair 

  1. Although a rocking chair is proven to bring comfort to an infant, the same rocking chair can become dangerous once the infant grows a little older. There is the danger of your child getting hurt in case their legs or fingers get caught under the rocking chair as it moves back and forth. Of course, selecting the right kind of chair can help in prevent such accidents.

A rocking chair has its benefits, but if you live in a small home and find it difficult to add even the necessary pieces of furniture, a rocking chair might make space look more cramped. 

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs, much like a rocking chair, are meant to be comfortable and help one relax. The traditional lounge chairs are built to support a reclining position. However, in recent times there have been various styles of lounge chairs that do not come in the traditional reclined position. Some of these styles are as follows:

  • Traditional Lounge Chair
  • Chaise Lounge Sofas
  • Armchair
  • Wing Chair
  • Club Chair

Generally, lounge chairs are made of wood and are cushioned with comfortable fabrics.  

Q Lounge ChairLounge Chair closeup 

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Pros of investing in a lounge chair

  1. Lounge chairs are incredibly relaxing, thanks to the heavy cushioning and reclining options. These chairs are perfect for individuals who would like to come home to a comfortable spot either by the window or in front of their TV!
  2. Lounge chairs are becoming increasingly popular in workspaces. These chairs help colleagues bond well with each other as it allows them to comfortably kick back and enjoy their breaks. It even helps them come up with creative ideas as they recline back and ponder over new solutions. These chairs help communicate an informal but respectable work environment that some offices strive towards. 
  3. Lounge chairs provide a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort and thus, is a smart addition to your home interiors. Using velvets or printed fabric such as jungle or floral prints can instantly liven up a dull space and add a touch of elegance.
  4. These chairs are versatile and can be placed in any space such as a living room, a cafe, or a therapist’s office or even, your bedroom!

 Cons of investing in a lounge chair

  1. A lounge chair requires high maintenance. Since cleaning upholstered fabrics is no easy task, extreme care must be taken to ensure that nothing spills on the chair. 
  2. Chaise lounge chairs are hard to move around and can prove to be a tricky piece of furniture when one is shifting houses. 


 Recliners are the perfect piece of furniture for anyone who likes to lay back on a chair and watch TV! These armchairs come with the feature of reclining back. Some chairs also have an extended space where one can put their feet up. Recliners are often seen in flights, trains or buses and allow one to even doze off in a comfortable position. Recliners, like any other piece of furniture, come in various styles such as:

  • The Two-Position
  • Rocker Recliner
  • Push Back Recliner
  • Riser Recliner
  • Power Recliner
  • The Massager

The riser recliner, has a special advantage that it helps people who cannot sit down or stand up. The above-mentioned recliners are just a few of the most common styles of recliners found. There are so many more out there that you can explore! Recliners are available in leather, fabric, polyurethane and high-performance fabric materials, each serving a particular purpose. 

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Quratory recliner chairs

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Pros of a reclining chair

  1. Recliners are designed specifically for providing comfort. These chairs are a good investment for when you come home after a long day and want nothing more than to kick back and relax.
  2. One of the most notable advantages of a reclining chair is that of improving the blood circulation in an individual.
  3. The ‘Riser’ style of recliner is beneficial for senior citizens, especially those who have a disability or have trouble standing up on their own as this chair rises when one wants to get out of the chair. 
  4. Many reclining chairs come with a special feature of providing massages, through the help of cyclo-therapy technology. This specific feature helps relieve any tension and stiffness that might have developed in the neck, the lower back, spine, or in shoulders. 
  5. Apart from being versatile and functional, recliners help improve the look and interior of a room, thanks to the various styles that they can be manufactured in. 

Cons of a reclining chair

  1. Reclining chairs are heavier than non-reclining chairs and prove to be a frustrating piece of furniture to move around. 
  2. Recliners need an ample amount of space to serve their main purpose, that is, to recline back. Thus, buying such a piece of furniture would not be a good idea if your living space is small. 
  3. Recliners, especially the motor powered ones tend to be more expensive than non-reclining chairs due to the added features that come with them

All in all, buying any kind of chair deserves some deliberation, time and patience. With each piece of furniture, it is always good to be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the product you’re going to be spending your savings on.