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Seating in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where most of us unwind and relax after a long day. It is a private space that one can spend time reading, watching a movie or just getting alone time. To come up with a bedroom seating plan, you'll need to consider your demands, the size and layout of your bedroom, whether you can employ existing household furniture, and other so on. To get you started, we've compiled a list of ideas for adding a seating area to your master bedroom. 

1. Seating for two:

 This style of sitting area has a relaxed, lounge-like vibe to it, and it's ideal for places with enough room for larger furnishings. The layout is ideal for enjoying morning coffee, reading a book, or simply relaxing in the sunlight. It's ideal for couples that want to hang out in two distinct areas, either independently or jointly. 

2. Small and compact seating:

 A little armchair is tucked into the corner in this style. Even though there isn't a lot of space, it offers a nice sitting area, and the bookcase doubles as a reading corner. Additional sitting is available at the foot of the bed, with footstools that can be utilised to place blankets, put on shoes, or hold up your feet while reading!

Quratory Arm Chair

3. Long bench at the foot of your bed:

At the end of the bed, there is a long bench that can be used as a sitting space. It provides a finishing touch and helps to complete the aesthetic of the bed, which is lacking a footboard. The bench is compact and may be used to lay out garments as well as store blankets and toss pillows. This type of bench is so adaptable that it may be used with a range of various bed types.

Day bench by Quratory

4. Couch-like seating:

Seating in bedroom by Quratory

 Sometimes all you need is a single seat near the bed for extra seating. In the master bedroom, this sitting area is ideal for reading and relaxing. It doesn't take up a lot of room and is ideal for a modest bedroom where you want to add to your sitting area. Instead of a full bookcase, it features a basket to store books and blankets, as well as a floor lamp for comfortable reading.

5. Bedside chair with a table:

Study table

 This stylish bedroom seating arrangement, which includes a bedside chair and a cocktail table, is one of our favourites. It provides a spot to sit and read a good book while sipping coffee or tea. This is a very sophisticated aesthetic that complements the master bedroom's overall style. It's ideal for people who want a more traditional setup or who work in a limited space.

 6. Sofa at the foot of bed:

It's normal to put a bench or footstool at the end of a bed, but if you have the space, why not turn it into a sofa? A sleek loveseat with stools that can be used as footrests and coffee tables can be found at the footboard of this bed. It has plenty of seating for two people, complements the sophisticated style, and maximises the length of the bedroom.

Keep in mind that this plan takes up more space and isn't as versatile as chairs (the sofa can't be relocated as simply as a chair). This type of master bedroom sitting area seems more formal and nearly feels like a little living room in your bedroom. This look is more of an investment, but if you have the space, it's a great option for a bedroom sitting area.

7. Window-side bench:

 Creating a functional sitting area by placing a long and narrow seat under the window of this bedroom is a great idea. It provides a lot of surface seating and is more versatile and affordable than an armchair. Although it isn't furniture on which you can lay back and relax or read, it is a useful and space-saving addition.

8. Side chair:

 Add a single dining chair next to your nightstand for a modest, discreet reading nook if you truly need to maximise space in your master bedroom. It's not designed for hours of lounging, but it's a stylish way to give your bedroom a functional seating space and a hip appearance. This sort of seating has a relaxed vibe to it, takes up very little room, and is a simple and inexpensive addition.

9. Window-side loveseat:

For a comfortable sitting space, consider tucking a comfy sofa under the windows. To make this setup work, you'll need a lot of extra floor space. It has enough seats for one or two persons as long as there is enough space between the bed and the chairs. A sofa gives comfort to a master bedroom while also doubling as a multipurpose space!

Window seating

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10. Reading nook seating:

This traditional reading nook in the window is a great option! However, it can only seat one person, so it's not great for couples, but it's excellent if you only need one chair and one nightstand. It has a floor lamp for added reading light, windows that let in natural light, and a huge armchair and ottoman in the corner. This style of sitting space has a relaxed vibe to it and provides a nice touch to the bedroom.

Lounge chair by Quratory

11. Multiple poufs:

 Using two pouffes instead of a bench at the foot of the bed, this style offers a fashionable take on having a bench at the foot of the bed. Adding two pouffes in comparable styles but completely different looks to a neutral colour scheme or a minimalist bedroom is a terrific way to add character. They're really adaptable, and you may shift them around as needed. It's a very relaxed and enjoyable seating option!

12. Chaise lounge:

Who doesn't enjoy reading and relaxing on a chaise lounge? This huge chaise is positioned on one side of the bedroom and serves as an ideal location to relax. But keep in mind that it's a big piece of furniture that takes up a lot of room! Although it is simply a one-seater, it is an excellent choice if you have pets or children who enjoy snuggling with you while you read or drink your morning coffee.

13. Seating for the night:

 Consoles are employed as nightstands in this style for a smart and understated way to add seating to your bedroom. Because it allows chairs to be tucked away under the "desk," it's a fantastic idea for maximising floor space. That way you can have an upholstered bench, a desk and a nightstand on each side of the bed.

14. Bench on an elevation:

 Because it has a back and armrests, this bench at the end of the bed stands out among other bedroom options. It's far more comfy and formal than a regular bench as a seating area. It's a terrific concept for casual sitting at the end of the bed because it feels unpretentious while still giving the space an exquisite and classy look.

15. Small space seating options:

 Your home doesn't have to feel claustrophobic just because it's small! We've compiled a list of practical tiny space seating options that you can utilise in almost any room of your home.

Some of the options you can go for are:

  • Poufs
  • Big pillows used as makeshift seating
  • Small stools which are easily portable
  • Upholstered benches
  • Foldable chairs
  • Wall mounted furniture pieces
  • Nested stools 
  • Window chairs/seats

 As you can see, even small spaces can have several seating options; we just have to get creative with it! You can customize these ideas according to your own aesthetic, to boost your style quotient at home.