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Space-Saving Furniture

Space seems to be a universal constraint. Whether it is a studio apartment or a villa, we end up experiencing the need for more space. Thankfully, one doesn’t need to upsize to get the added utility. With smart space planning and a little creativity, a lot of functions can be packed into the smallest of spaces.

There are several space-saving furniture options, which come with varying options. In this section, we explore some furniture units and it's benefits. 

1. Sofa beds with storage

A good sofa bed offers easy seating during the day and a comfortable bed at night. Some sofa beds come with storage options as well as USB ports for charging. These are only some of the reasons sofa beds are a great option for small spaces. We found some elegant sofa beds that we think would work well for living rooms and studio apartments.  For more sofa beds, click here.

2. Bench with Shoe Storage

A bench with built-in storage for shoes serves multiple purposes. You can sit there to take on and take off your shoes or rest your grocery bags. They also make the entryway look tidier. Some storage benches also come with drawers or open shelves for magazines or newspapers.

3. Dining Set with Storage Ottomans

A dining set with ottomans is preferred to a bulky dining set. Usually, these ottomans come with storage that can be used to stash extra linen. The ottomans slide underneath the dining table, which means it doesn’t need extra square footage, unlike regular chairs. The Ottomans can also be pulled into the living room for additional seating when required.

4. Portable table

A portable table folds into an easy-to-store briefcase for the colder months and becomes a deck table for the summer months. It fits well into balconies and doesn’t take up much space.

5. Tiered storage

The odd space between your fridge and your kitchen countertop can be reclaimed with a storage unit. This slim portable storage unit on wheels lets one organize small bottles, spices, and condiments and adds to storage space in the kitchen.

6. Under-sink storage

The under sink storage is usually tall and can store toiletries. But invariably, it ends up being cluttered. The solution for this is a steel storage rack with adjustable shelves. This way, it should be possible to organize and retrieve items easily. It's an effective utilization of space, too!

7. The Classic Murphy bed

This is a classic space-saving piece of furniture. The Murphy bed was invented by William L. Murphy, who patented this bed in the 1900s. There have been multiple renditions of this design. The bed has pistons to help one lift it. The Murphy also comprises of under-the-bed storage and lift-bed-storage.

8. Desk

The secretary desk version comes with modern accessories, like two electrical outlets and two USB outlets, providing a space and sanity-saving desk solution. Once the desk’s door is shut, the paperwork, books, and office supplies are stored inside.



9. Desk bookshelf

One can optimize space by placing storage high up, at the window levels. Sometimes it is also a good idea to put storage shelves around desks to accommodate stationery, files, and books. Wall cabinets and shelves save a lot of floor space.

10. Fold-down desks

 The fold-down desk is ideal for a studio apartment. This could serve as additional workspace in the kitchen, study, office or even the bedroom to place things. The small hanging balcony desk is perfect to hold a book and a mug of coffee and snacks. It can be extended to allow for a proper designated space to work, eat or read.

12. Closet

Clothes and accessories can end up taking a lot more space, if not organized well. While hangers are great for getting the most out of your closet, you can hang many more items in the same space when you layer the items as folds. Hanging pants, shirts, coats or scarves in multiple layers can save one a lot of space in the closet. The hangers are sometimes padded with a non-slip material, so the clothing won’t slide off.

13. Pull and dry roof hangers

The pull and dry roof hanger is an effective solution for drying clothes after washing. Apart from saving floor space, it also allows one to dry clothes indoors. It uses a pulley mechanism and is easy to operate. Whenever required, it can be pulled down and raised up. These pull and dry racks come in different sizes and are useful especially in homes where there is no outdoor space.

 14. Pet Litter Box Enclosure and feeder boxes

 Nobody likes open litter boxes — probably not even a pet. So, why waste precious square footage on it? A litter box enclosure takes care of odour issues and increases its visual appeal. Even better- A litterbox enclosure integrated into cabinetry that comes with a pull-out feeding station, used to store food, toys, and treats. This single unit for pets can ensure that there is no scattering of items around the house and frees up cabinet spaces in the kitchen.

There is a lot of hidden space in your home – you just need to know where to look for it. Even the tiniest spaces can be utilized. Corners, for instance, are often underutilized. The addition of a simple L-shaped corner desk can increase a room’s storage space. Designing for small spaces is as important as choosing the right kind of furniture.


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