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Storage beds : Are they a good idea or not?

Here’s everything you need to know to make a decision of whether to purchase a storage bed or not!

 Storage beds

Take a look at your bedroom. Which piece of furniture is taking up the most space? In all likelihood, it is your bed. Beds take up the majority of the space in a bedroom,  and hence it becomes a crucial investment for your home. Storage beds are an extremely practical idea if you live in a smaller home. In this case, every square inch of your house matters! The decision of whether or not to purchase a storage bed relies on several factors, such as the space requirements and the items you own. Storage beds also come in various types, which have briefly been outlined below:


Storage bed with drawers:

These are simple beds that we have all seen in our homes. These come with a couple of drawers attached to the headboard of the bed, providing some (but not ample) space to place items that you’d need directly after waking up or before going to bed. These drawers are usually enough to hold items such as medicines, heating pads, eye masks or chargers. Some of these kinds of storage beds also come with a compartment in between the headboard, allowing you to neatly place any extra cushions, bedsheets or pillow you may have

Hydraulic storage beds

Hydraulic storage beds:

If you have a smaller house and need a large space to store bigger belongings, hydraulic storage beds are a great option. These beds utilize the hydraulic mechanism which lifts up the mattress to provide a large amount of space for storage. These beds can provide space to keep items such as shoes, photo albums, shoe boxes and bulky items of this nature. You can also place collectibles, childhood memorabilia and board games in this space (You got it, it is quite a lot of space)


Footboards with drawers

Headboard/Footboard storage beds:

Some storage beds come with adequate storage space at the headboard or the footboard (lined with drawers). These are similar to normal storage beds with drawers, and can provide some space to keep small items. If you are into reading at night, these are great as you can place your reading glasses, books and also portable night lamps in these spaces


Deep storage beds

Deep storage beds:

These beds provide the most amount of space. The unique feature about these beds is that they come in a bigger height, so they provide more than enough space inside the bed. These storage beds can allow you to store huge items such as luggage bags, suitcases and seasonal clothing

Sofa beds 

Sofa beds:

Sofa beds are essential in small living spaces. These are nothing but simple sofas where the metal frame with a mattress hidden underneath the cushions. These products make efficient use of your living area, keeps the area neat, and provides additional sleeping space for when guests come over. These can be also be used as a bed in the guest/study room. The biggest advantage of using sofa beds is that they save space and works very well in a house that does not have a separate study.

Decision Time: To Buy Or Not to buy

Now you can see that storage beds come in different types, and based on your requirements, you can make a decision on whether you want to invest in one of them. It is also important to highlight the benefits and challenges in owning such beds before you make your final decision: 


 Attractive Looks:

Storage beds come in different styles and can come across as very presentable and attractive pieces of furniture. You can invest in lighter colors or darker colors depending on the overall aesthetic of your room. These beds also come in various wood designs which are highly visually appealing. Additionally, storage beds do tend to look a little more premium than other beds, which boosts the overall ambience of your room

Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash

Effective space utilisation:

Even if you have a big house, it does not hurt to purchase a sturdy storage bed. It provides you more space to store your items. This can allow you to store other essential items and belongings in your closets and other storage spaces. Also, seasonal items like raincoats, umbrellas or winter clothes can be stored inside your bed


Clutter in rooms

Photo Credit: Christopher Jolly on Unsplash

Less clutter:

If you can dump big belongings under your bed, you can make more space for other aesthetically pleasing things in your room. This can help manage the clutter around your room and your house. You can also store unwanted items until you find a way to recycle or give them away




Given that storage beds are multi-purpose in nature, it is only fair that they are on the steeper side of the price range. Although you can decide on scaling your budget up and down depending on the brand and type of bed, it might still be a hefty investment

However, the cost might not be an issue if you are looking to use the bed as both your closet and your sleeping area. In this case, it becomes a good investment which might cut down other expenditure on closet space

Low mobility:

Storage beds tend to be heavy, and can cause issues especially if you are looking to move it from one room/house to another. The problem can get magnified especially when you have stored a bunch of things already in your bed. The low mobility of the bed can increase time and efforts in moving it from one place to another


3. Difficulty in cleaning:

Since storage beds have several nooks and crannies,cleaning also becomes difficult. It will require you to remove everything to carry out a thorough cleaning of the bed (inside and out). You might also have a larger space which would require polishing every few years, which will lead an increase in costs

The decision you make around purchasing a storage bed depends on your space requirements, your current living space, and your motives behind purchasing it. If you want to find a way to declutter your house, you can go for hydraulic/deep storage beds. If you just need a little space, you can go for the headboard/footboards beds. The options are different for several needs and budgets. So, assess your requirements before splurging on an expensive storage bed


Here are some handy points to keep in mind when selecting beds with storage:

Sturdy hardware:

As storage beds come with a lot of detailing, there are high chances that you might run into hardware issues with the furniture. Things such as knobs, screws or hinges may come off due to repeated wear and tear. This can make it very difficult to retrieve the items you have placed in the storage area. Therefore it is important to look out for the hinges and ask for the relevant warranty on the product, especially the hardware, A seller with a good product will not hesitate in giving a minimum of six months to one year warranty


If you are selecting a bed that doubles up as a sofa, make sure that it comes with storage(because hey, that’s what you wanted in the first place). But also, make sure it serves as a comfortable bed. Measure the comfort by the firmness of the cushioning, as a firmer cushion will reduce possibility of sagging with wear and tear. Also ensure, there are no needless number of folds that cause discomfort when lying down. Check details of the material used with the retailer to make sure it suits the climate of your region.  


If you are using a storage bed in your master bedroom, make sure that you allocate a budget that is on the higher side. Since a bed in the master bedroom is more likely to be used, this is the one bed you should not hesitate to spend on. In addition to checking quality of hardware, one should check the wood used, the joints and any indications of wear and tear.