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Making the best of Dressers!

The dresser is an important piece of your everyday routine, so making sure you have an adequate and aesthetically designed ambience for the dresser is important. This is especially required f you are not particularly fond of crowded bath counters and wardrobe shelves that look like war zones. Whether you are setting out to design a dresser in your new house or looking at remodelling the dressing area, we are sure you will find things to do:

Setting the Stage

Finding the right place for your dresser is important. Whether this will be in your bedroom or in the walk-in closet or even in the corner of your bathroom, will make a lot of difference. If possible, select a space that has a lot of natural light. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Dresser design by Quratory 

One of the most important and compulsory things about decorating a dresser is a mirror. A dresser is incomplete and not true to its name if you don’t have a mirror on it. After all, you need a dresser in order to deck up for an occasion or get ready for work.

  • Size is important - Whether you want a full length mirror or just a mirror to see your face has to be decided up front.
  • Another important decision is whether the mirror should be portable or attached to the dresser. A great space saving idea is to have a dresser that is attached to the wardrobe with a half length mirror

Size Matters

Yes, size does matter here. The size of the dresser is key in deciding how to accessorize the space. If your dresser is small, you don’t want to accessorize it too much as it might look smaller and more messed up in looks. 


Another thing you need to decorate apart from the dresser is the wall behind it. Yes! If you’re thinking of a dark theme for your dresser, you should go for light decorations or paint on your wall as it will then bring it the color and decorations of the dresser. You can put up marching wallpapers or descale stickers on the wall to go well with the dresser.

Invest in Storage

Even though your dresser has its own cabinets and drawers, the dresser top requires to be accessorized with proper storage accessories in order to not make your stuff look messy. As a matter of fact, all of us have a habit of throwing things onto the dresser, be it lipstick, bands or even books or our phones. So, small storage accessories help in organizing those thrown things. You can use small ceramic bowls or hanging storage accessories to keep your small stuff in its place, which will make your dresser look cleaner than before.

 Dresser storage

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Pick the right material

If the dresser is going to be subject to a lot of humidity, then make sure you use the appropriate material. If going for ply, make sure you go for marine ply or ply with water proofing certification. If going for solid wood, make sure you go for top grade material.


Make sure that your storage drawers are all at the lower areas of the dresser, it will provide you with a more classic and neat look. In order to get a more modern look, you can try adding drawers to the sidelines of your mirror, that will speak out to the modern looks. Do not overdo storage, as that will make it look ungainly. In short, think through your storage space in the dresser and how you will use it.


Finishing touches 

Try using an indoor plant or artificial flowers that need low maintenance. Or go with a photo or miniature painting to get a brighter look. When it comes to adding colors to your dresser, go for pastel or brighter shades as it brings out the size of your dresser and making it look big even if the size is small.


Giving your dresser a new look

If you already have a dresser, but are looking for ways to remodel the space, here are a few ideas to spruce the place up and make it look good:


The most important thing is to clean it completely first. Wipe all the dust or marks away with homemade cleaning solution. Identify all expired cosmetics, products that haven't been used in over five months and set them aside. Make sure to trash these items at the end of the cleaning exercise. 


The next step is to sort out your existing possessions, whether these are makeup material, brushes, lipsticks or eye makeup and jewellery. Identify boxes, holders and tiny baskets that can hold these items, so that they dont appear like a big mass of objects. Your system for organizing is important - it should be easy putting back things after use rather than being a tedious task.

Light it up

Lights for dresser

Photo by Romina Farías on Unsplash

Adding lights gives a beautiful effect to the dresser, making the space look vibrant. You can use either fairy lights around your mirror or just small lamps for the purpose. Use Mirror lights if possible, as these will give a great ambience and be useful while dressing up too.

These should be enough tips to get started. We will keep you posted on more trends and designs on dresser areas. Do write to us at if you have any questions or clarifications