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Vastu and other tips to keep in mind for your home

Vastu means dwelling and Shastra means the manual of instruction. Hence Vastu Shastra, lays down the doctrine of designing homes. While we have all heard of Vastu Shastra, the majority of us are unaware of what it is and why it is so significant. The principles of design, layout, measurement, ground preparation, space organisation, and spatial geometry are all described in Vastu Shastra.

One aspect of Vastu shastra is that everything in the universe has an energy level, and every building or piece of land has an energy vibration linked with it. Positive and negative energy make up the universe. Vastu tries to reduce negative energy while increasing positive energy.

Even if you are not building a home, but moving into an apartment, there are ways to ensure that the Vastu principles are followed. The essential idea of Vastu is that a house must exude the right kind of energy in order to be considered a home. Each dwelling, according to a variety of traditional beliefs, has its own energy type. A person who lives in a house is subjected to the impact of a specific energy field, which in turn affects them in some way.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra:

 Ardent followers of Vastu believe that following the principles aids in financial well-being, career progression, career progression, rewarding for physical and mental health and relationship enhancement. We do think that some of the aspects of Vastu have roots in science.

Elements that are involved behind the ancient science:

 There are five elements found in the Universe: Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water. It claims that striking a balance between these aspects is critical for generating positivity in the home. Every element has a dominating direction.

Prithvi (Earth): Noted for its capacity to provide stability and patience. In every corner, it dominates the central and diagonal directions.

Air-Vayu: It rules the East and is known for bringing joy and happiness into people's lives.

Akasha (space): This symbol denotes cognitive energy and mental space. Space is the source of all social energies, and it rules the west.

Agni (Fire): Agni's energy denotes confidence, wealth, and prosperity. It is the most powerful force in the South. 

Water(Jal): One of the most important elements in human life is water. As a result, it's linked to health and immunity. It is the most powerful force in the north.

 We have laid down some key principles to guarantee that structures are correctly planned. These guidelines serve to prevent illness, mental suffering, negative energy, and promote good health and peace of mind.

General vastu tips:

  • Every day, light a candle or lamp towards the direction of the northeast. It is beneficial to one's health.
  • Constant leaking of taps emits negative energy and indicates that one's health is deteriorating. Make sure your house's faucets aren't dripping.
  • When studying or working, turn your head to the north or east. This helps with memory.
  • Planting basil or Tulsi in the house helps to purify the air. Rubber plants, cactus, Bonsai, and other watery plants should be avoided. These could aggravate your disease and add to your stress.
  • Do not build stairs or toilets in the north eastern corner of your home; this causes health problems and stunts children's growth.
  • It is preferable to place the diety facing the east(in some cultures, west) and plan the puja unit accordingly

 Beds by Quratory

Bedroom vastu tips:

  • Physical and emotional stability are ensured by a master bedroom facing southwest. It is never a good idea to build a bedroom facing northeast because it can bring health issues.
  • Always sleep with your head in the direction of the south. It encourages a tranquil and healthy way of living. It is not advisable to sleep with your head in the north direction since it produces stress and discomfort.
  • A bed with storage space causes problems with the brain and heart.
  • Sleeping under bright lights can cause harm to the brain.
  • Never place your bed against the toilet wall, since this can bring negative energy into your home.
  • To achieve a good night's sleep, keep cell phones and other electronic devices away from your bed(This is our addition to Vastu shastra)


Health and kitchen tips:

  • The southeast is considered the best direction for a kitchen.
  • The optimum direction for cooking and eating is east, which promotes efficient digestion and excellent health.
  • Kitchens that are designed in the northeast direction are prone to major health issues and accidents.
  • It's best not to build the toilet and the kitchen together. Keep the two at a safe distance from one another.

 In terms of what you want to achieve, whether it be financial prosperity, academic growth, or good health, Vastu can guide you in the following ways:


Financial prosperity tips:

  • Keep the main door clean and ornamented to attract money because it is the entrance for the energy in the house. 
  • Because the colour purple is associated with riches, it would be advantageous to paint the house's walls purple. If repainting the walls is too tough, a money plant in a purple-colored pot could be used instead.
  • The cash locker or almirah where you keep your cash should be in the house's south or south-west wall, so it can be accessed from the north. 
  • Placing a mirror immediately in front of the cash vault is another strategy to attract money. It denotes that your money has been doubled!
  • Water bodies placed in the north-eastern corner of your home represent the flow of positive energy. A water feature, such as a small fountain, a water garden, or another water feature, could be added. 
  • Make careful you fix any leaking faucets, taps, or broken plumbing to minimise financial losses.
  • Another simple Vastu solution for attracting money is to place a bird feeder in the house's northwestern corner. 
  • Fish aid in the purification of the home, so keeping an aquarium in the north-eastern portion of the house will be useful, as long as you maintain it aerated and clean.
  • A popular Vastu belief is that keeping a flute in the house will keep money problems at bay. Hanging two flutes will help you if you're having problems with your studies or profession.

 Academic success tips:

  • Place the study table to the east or north of the room for improved concentration. 
  • To ensure the flow of energy, leave enough space between the wall and the study table. 
  • The study room should not be located beneath the bathroom or beneath the beam. 
  • The bookcase should be in the east, north, or north east of the room. 
  • Make sure there is no reflection of your books in the mirror, as this will add to your study stress.

 Good health tips:

  • To get a good night's sleep, sleep with your head facing south. 
  • Always leave the middle of the house empty or with extremely little furniture. 
  • This ensures that energy can flow freely without being stifled. 
  • In the house, an imbalance of the fire element promotes sickness. To counteract this, the optimum spot for a fire element, such as a candle or diya, is in the house's Southeast or Northwest direction.
  • Avoid placing any mirrors opposite the bed since reflecting a sleeping person causes an energy drain, which can lead to illness. 
  • Make sure your bathroom and kitchen energies don’t mix. If they're on the other side of the room, keep the doors shut all the time.
  • If someone in the house is ill, keeping a candle burning in the room will aid their recovery.
  • Grow citrus fruit plants and place them at the front door. This welcomes good health into the home. 

Although these tips are definitely not exhaustive, these are the general directional ideas you can take in order to have some peace of mind around your family’s good health, financial success as well as academic success!