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An essential guide to cleaning upholstered furniture

Furniture maintenance is an important point to consider when buying new furniture. The more sophisticated and beautiful it looks, the more likely it is that it will require heavy maintenance. This article could help you understand how to clean your upholstered furniture, whether it is leather or fabric. 

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Photographing your home!

We understand how exciting it is when you just move into a new house, or you’ve revamped your old place to look completely new! You want to show off your place, and the best way to do this is through photography. Alas, you don’t think your photography skills are up to the mark, and browsing through photos by skilled photographers can lead to some amount of mind-block and confusion.

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Deciding the right kind of fabric for your sofa

Shopping for a sofa is an arduous mission. While design styles(wooden vs metal, contemporary vs traditional, low seating vs high seating) and costing are important criteria, there is also one other crucial question that must be answered - “What kind of upholstery should I go in for - Leather, Leather-like or cloth like fabrics such as cotton, linen or velvet?”

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