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When should you consider replacing your furniture?

Most people view furniture as an investment. Unless you are the kind of person who likes to switch things every now and then, or you plan to move to a new place soon, chances are that the furniture you have will stay with you for a while. Still, there are times when one needs to consider replacing furniture due to wear and tear and other reasons. This is not to say that old furniture does not add a certain type of charm. We still have antiques and items that have been passed down generations, but these are different. Nowadays, the wide variety of options we get along with increasing disposable income is making items more dispensable. Before we get into each...

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All about organizing your wardrobe

Do you find yourself rummaging your wardrobe for that black dress for a party? Have you ended up with all your clothes out on the bed in search for that elusive grey tee shirt? If so, you probably know that organizing clothes in a sensible fashion is key to your woes. Finding the right system for organizing is the next important thing you need to figure out.

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Seating in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where most of us unwind and relax after a long day. It is a private space that one can spend time reading, watching a movie or just getting alone time, away from the rest of the household. A nook to catch up on the latest book or a corner to just curl up or a day bench for putting on your footwear – Seating in a bedroom is a great idea if you have the space for it.

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Measuring a space to fit furniture

Picking furniture can be daunting, especially when you are doing it for the first time. The material used, quality, your aesthetic taste and the budget are all important parameters. But a very important criteria to consider is the measurement of the furniture and whether it will fit comfortably in the space it is supposed to be. This can be tricky but in this blog, we will help you understand measurements better.

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Five tips to deck up your dining room décor

Having meals together is one of the best ways to connect as a family. It is during this time that the family sit with each other.  In this day and age of obsession over digital media, this is the only time we keep our technical gadgets aside and focus solely on interacting with other members of the family.

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